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Featuring Anthony E. Fox
Submitted by Triple Delight Team Member – Jeannie Brown Johnson

46 years young at heart, and one of God’s greatest creations, Anthony E. Fox of Washington, D.C. by way of Jackson, Mississippi & Memphis, Tennessee is a man on a mission! He’s graciously agreed to share his fitness success journey with AEA’s AKWA Magazine readers to help inspire all of us to also reach our collective goal of optimum health.

As a baby, Anthony Fox was underweight and very small because he wouldn’t eat; and his parents had to force him to try, so he wouldn’t be malnourished.  It wasn’t until later in his pre-teen years that he started gaining weight.  When he hit adolescence, Anthony was your typical, happy, active, outdoorsy kind of kid – “a little thick, but never, ya’ know, big-big.”

Well, according to Anthony, he started putting on a lot of his weight when he discovered the great indoors as an adolescent, teen and college student.  The older he got, the more stationary (code word for lazy…his word, not mine) he became. Life was more social, but way less active, with things like studying, choir and band practice, etc.

The physical changes that happen inside the body can be gradual, taking months, sometimes years, to reveal themselves as dis-ease, which Anthony started experiencing in 2004 when diagnosed with lymphedema.  Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the interstitial tissue that causes swelling, most often in the arms and/or legs, and occasionally in other parts of the body due to poor circulation. This poor circulation also caused issues with his knee, leaving Anthony walking with the assistance of a cane.  The lymphedema has led to five life-threatening blood clots (deep venous thrombosis) in his right leg that required blood thinning medication.  Anthony had been considering weight loss surgery, but was no longer a candidate due to the medication and other health issues.

Fast forward to October 2009.   Anthony decided to change his life and get on the road to good health with diet and exercise! He joined nutrition coach, Melvin, and a Weight Watchers group, which helped him modify food portions and eat healthier while still enjoying the foods he liked.  Anthony’s highest weight was 460 pounds; as of May 2010 he has lost 67 pounds!  By adding exercise to his fitness regimen, Anthony is well on his way to reaching his target weight of 250 – 300 pounds.

Right now I bet you’re asking what is his key to exercise success?  Well, he LOVES his AEA, water aerobics instructors, Erica, Jeannie and Linda (Triple Delight), and the whole Waterside Fitness & Swim Club staff.  “Having instructors, and the team at the club who are enthusiastic, motivational, fun, warm and care about how you’re doing, makes you want to keep going.  It’s not like work at all; and that’s the recipe for continued success.  I even come in an hour before water aerobics class to swim laps!” That’s how committed Anthony is to improving his health and well being.  What’s his motivation?  “I want to be around, healthy, active and an inspiration for my son, Charlie, and now my grandson, Kyson, who’ll be two in September.” Anthony is positively influencing his supporters – his family and his friends – to get fit with him.  And when they come to D.C. for a visit, they’re all invited to the “party in the pool” with Triple Delight

Last, but certainly not least, Anthony has some words of wisdom to share with our aqua family:

Be content with the life you’ve been given.
Find things that you like doing, then you’ll keep doing them.
Know that some days weight loss is great, and some days it’s small, but every bit is a great success.

Anthony, we are all so proud of you, are cheering for you, and love you.  Thank you so much for sharing your story with our readers, your love of life and your joy and light that radiates from within touching everyone you meet.  It’s a blessing knowing you and being part of your journey.

Reprinted with permission from the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), www.aeawave.com.